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Tiki toys for cat

Stella had fun testing the Tiki toys for you.

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Jouets Tiki pour chien

Sakura tested the Tiki toys for you.

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Tips for proper weight management

We’ve already talked about weight management for your companions. Among other topics, we shared with you some ideas to help your friend maintain a healthy weight. In this article, Stella will give you some tips if you have a cat that is overweight.

Let’s see what Sakura has to say.

As is the case with humans, being overweight is problematic for a dog’s health. It can cause osteoarthritis, diabetes, respiratory problems or even cardiovascular diseases. That is why it’s important that you help us control our weight.

To see if we are overweight here is what you can check:
-Our ribs are hard to feel
-You will see some fat on our chest, our back and at the base of our tail
-You will notice a decrease in our muscle tone
-We have more difficulty exercising and are more easily out of breath
-We seem to be more intolerant to heat than usual

To promote our health and wellbeing, here are some tips that can help us regain a healthy weight.
1- The first element to change is often our food intake. See your veterinarian to determine the daily amount of food to give your companion and do not exceed this amount. The amount of food to give us is related to our target weight and not to our current weight.
2- We love your leftovers, but they are definitely not good for us. You should not give us any even if we beg for them! And the whole family must follow this advice!
3- Same thing applies to treats. You should restrict their quantity and choose those that are low in calories. Here is another tip: instead of just giving us a treat, make us run to get it. We must deserve our treat and not just get it because we’re so cute!
4- Take us to play sports with you, we’ll be really happy and in better shape! We don’t need to take part in a marathon, just take us for a short daily walk or play ball with us.”

You need to stay positive and stick to the plan. The results may take some time, maybe even a few months, but the effort will be worthwhile!
Once your dog reaches the recommended weight, we advise you to have them checked each month. When you weigh your animal regularly, you are in a better position to control their weight and take immediate action if necessary.

Go to the Veterinary Boutique to find accurate information about your animal. Our experts will happy to help you and provide you with advice during this process!