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Tiki toys for cat

Stella had fun testing the Tiki toys for you.

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Jouets Tiki pour chien

Sakura tested the Tiki toys for you.

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Eight Things You Need to Know about your Cat

Secrets about cats to help you understand your beloved pet!

Hi, Stella here!

Let me share some secrets about cats with you. I want to help you understand your beloved pet!

1. Purring

Purring doesn’t always mean everything’s fine. Sometimes we purr because we’re sad or nervous. Kind of like you humans: sometimes you smile to hide that you’re nervous or uncomfortable. Your smile can express lots of emotions. But sometimes we purr just to butter you up and get treats!!!

2. Meowing

When we’re kittens, we meow to communicate with our mother. As adults, we meow to communicate with our owner. Pay attention: we’re trying to tell you something!

3. Inside is the place for us

Because we’ve been domesticated and because of industrialization, it’s safer for us indoors. It’s my owner’s job to give me the stimulation I need, just like being outdoors, but in an environment that keeps me safe and healthy.

4. We aren’t always as hungry as we let on!

I have to confess we’re terrific actors. We love to act like we’re hungry all the time. Lots of my cat buddies are overweight because they eat too much. Give your pet the right amount of food to stay healthy.

5. My teeth need brushing

I talked about this in an earlier article (it’s on our website!) but it’s worth repeating: You need to keep our teeth healthy by brushing them. We’re not crazy about it but if we get treats afterwards we’ll put up with it.

6. Our bellies are vulnerable

When we lie on our backs, belly up, for you, it’s a real compliment! It shows a cat trusts you. But it doesn’t necessarily mean we want to be petted. Just enjoy the moment, and we’ll show our enjoyment by purring!

7. We love heights

We like a high perch where we can check out our territory. It reminds us of a time long ago when we climbed the highest trees to take in the overall picture.

8. We need scratching surfaces

We’re not trying to destroy your furniture: it’s to mark our territory, shed the dead outer layer of our claws and show you how happy we are to see you when you come home from work!